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1/27/09 01:38 pm - VOMIT


11/12/08 06:25 pm - Trying to figure out what I forgot

Best shirt ever.


8/21/08 06:40 pm - Yowza

I have now finally caught up with everyone's LJs.  I send love and support to those who are going through hard times, and I send hugs and kisses to everyone in general since I've been MIA mostly.

Eventually I will post an update, but I just wanted to send out positive vibes for now.

6/29/08 12:55 am - BOLD STATEMENT

I am going to say it.

WALL-E is the best movie of the year so far.

"Forgetting Sarah Marshall" was hilarious and awesome, and "Iron Man" was super cool and really really good.



It made me laugh so hard and cry so much in one sitting and it was pretty much a silent film (sans dialogue at least) for the first half.

I'm not saying it won't yet be overshadowed by something else, but man, if you said I could buy it in Blu-Ray right now for $50 I would.  Just so I could watch it tomorrow.  And Monday.  And Tuesday.  And forever.

3/4/08 06:06 pm - On Another Note...

On a less creepy but still upsetting note:


2/20/08 03:21 pm - hilarious


2/12/08 08:37 pm - Babies

I should not be allowed to shop for baby items.

Everything is too adorable and I want to buy everything.  As it is, I'm going to spend money I don't have on two adorable things for this baby:




SERIOUSLY.  Adorable, and pretty affordable.  And organic!  What more can you ask for?  Oh yeah, and they're both one-of-a-kind.

I have decided I don't mind when people have babies because shopping for them is so much fun.

2/1/08 01:08 pm - One serious thing and one funny thing.

Your reward for doing the serious thing is the watch the funny thing.

Serious thing:


In regards to the vote on the amendments to the FISA bill that will allow Bush to continue to illegally listen to and read our conversations with a possibility of zero repercussions to companies like ATT and Verizon.  Even though some or most of these people may not be your representatives, call them anyway and tell them how you feel.  These are all the senators who are on the fence.  The vote is Monday afternoon!


Your reward.

ETA:  Apparently, (at least when I called my representative's line), you don't leave a message on a machine, you leave it with a person.  This threw me off, and made me realize I might not be able to call all of the representatives on the list (they asked for my zip code).  I just might do it anyway, but for your benefit, I am going to break down the senators and their numbers in case you are so inclined to inform your reps that they are being cowards.  Oh, and I'm including a link to the form where you can email them if you don't want to call:

West Virginia, Robert C. Byrd
and John D. Rockefeller IV

California, Dianne Feinstein

Wisconsin, Herb Kohl

Missouri, Claire McCaskill

Michigan, Debbie Stabenow

Virginia, John Warner

1/23/08 05:41 pm - Fuck You Rain!

Rain has always been my least favorite weather.  No matter what.  There is only one instance when rain is nice and acceptable:

1) When I am curled up under a blanket with hot chocolate and a movie.  And never have to go outside until the rain is done.

Here are some instances when rain is completely unacceptable:

1) When I have to walk Maggie.
2) When I am giving tours
3) Anytime I am outside.

Thanks, rain, for existing in all three of those situations today!  YAY!

Fuck you.

1/22/08 02:13 pm - Fucked Up

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